Family Orthopaedic &
Sports Physical Therapy

Our Goal    

PLLC  treatments will be one on one with the patient throughout the
Physical Therapy session, from manual techniques to modalities to
therapeutic exercises. The focus of the practice is on the patient,
spending time with them, guiding them through their rehabilitation.
FOSPT is a professional, warm, relaxed rehab
setting where we
spend time to educate the patient and ensure their full recovery.

  Patients are scheduled no more than 2 per hour which allows
us to take that extra step to ensure their understanding and
compliance with the rehabilitation process.

  At FOSPT our goal is to have a facility where patients
receive the appropriate treatment, where everyone from
grandchildren to grandparents, week-end to higher level
athletes come and feel comfortable, relaxed and not rushed.

   Our patients have been extremely satisfied with our style
of care and continue to get better. We are confident that we
can help you in your rehabilitation, by providing you with the
care and attention you deserve.

  We look forward to serving you to the best of our ability.

450 Plandome Rd. Suite 101
Manhasset, NY 11030
TEL.: (516) 684 3404
FAX:  (516) 684 3408